Christmas Train is a visitor of the west and a boss in Wild Christmas from Mr. Santa

Health: 3546HP (phase 1), 1891HP (phase 2)

Power: 2283MP (phase 1 and phase 2)

Phase 1 Attacks: Rushing, Throwing (fire meteorites), Missiles (red, blue and green), Laser (light orange)

Phase 2 Attacks: Rushing, Throwing (upgraded/big/giant fire meteorites), Giant Missiles (red, blue and green), Missile Launcher (yellow), Laser (light orange)

Phase 1 Abilities: Speed (fast), Rage, Resting, Charge (reloading fire meteorites to aim)

Phase 2 Abilities: Speed (very fast), Rage, Resting, Charge (reloading upgraded/big/giant fire meteorites to aim)