Mr. Santa is a 2D platform game from Electronic Arts. This game will be released on TBA for PC.


Help Mr. Santa defend the North Pole from Christmas Tree Monster. Dr. Tomatiest creates his tomato creations and plants a giant tomato tree in Tomato Lab. Mr. Santa needs to stop it too. Saw-Bat is the creator of the Saw Rippers in Frost Keep. They killed Grand-Mama in Christmas Town. C-Rex returns as a christmas chapter called Inside the Dinosaur. he is sick by a bacterian boss: Grass Bacteria the green musketeer lance.

Bosses (in each chapter) Edit

Final Boss: Exotic-General (North Pole)

Christmas ChaptersEdit


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Playable Characters (wearings in Bold)Edit

Alive (Playable in all christmas chapters)Edit

  • Mr. Santa, the main protagonist with santa suit.
  • Mrs. Elf, the deuteragonist with pointed elf ears with xmas elf suit.
  • Mr. Gingerbread, a gingerbread man.
  • Rudolph, a red-nosed reindeer.
  • Blitzen, a reindeer.
  • Donner, a reindeer.
  • Cupid, a reindeer.
  • Comet, a reindeer.
  • Vixen, a reindeer.
  • Prancer, a reindeer.
  • Dancer, a reindeer.
  • Dasher, a reindeer.
  • Mr. Snow, a white/gray snowman guy with black hat, carrot nose, and a ice shotgun weapon. (white wearing)
  • Mr. Krampus, a brave thief monster with a bag weapon and super demon suit.
  • Mrs. Tomato, a red tomato girl with red skirt, white gloves, red boots and a red umbrella weapon. (red/black wearing)
  • Cpt. Fisher, a green fish visitor with black moustache, white/gray captain hat, white captain jacket and a silver anchor weapon. (green wearing)
  • Mr. Tree, an X-Mas Tree monster.
  • Anut. Robo, a robot astronaut.
  • Sheff. Cow, a sheriff cow.
  • Prof. Abominable, a yeti.

Deceased (killers in bold)Edit

Not Playable Characters (from inside) Edit

Playable In North Pole Edit

A massive robot final boss captures 13 playable characters. Only Mrs. Tomato, Cpt. Fisher and Mr. Snow are playable characters left. Who are not captured and They have to destroy it and save them at the ending.



Music is Christmas


  • There will be no more Saw Rippers in newer chapters when the player beats Saw-Bat in Frost Keep.